Corinne Hoisington

Corinne Hoisington is a full-time professor of Information Systems Technology at Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg, Virginia, with more than 25 years of teaching experience. Corinne travels over 200,000 miles a year delivering keynote addresses to college and university professors, and K-12 educators worldwide. Corinne is a thought leader and curriculum specialist for Virtual Reality. She believes that VR & AR are game changers in education today. The pedagogies of constructivism and immersive learning show that students learn best by doing or by being. So, they shouldn’t just read about history — they should ‘be’ historians. They shouldn’t just study archaeology — they should ‘be’ archaeologists. Let’s raise the next round of inventors through the discovery of a 3D world. Corinne believes that technology infused pedagogy has the power to transform teaching and learning.  It’s never been a more exciting time for teachers to explore and for schools to stay connected with accessible and current technology to nurture student engagement and success.